The election of the US Presidential election is over, and I remembered the election story

I recalled a story I heard from a small election manager almost 10 years ago.

The person who was also a former city council.

There is a place to remember a little, but please forgive me.

An election in a small town or village. Maybe a village?

Eleven candidates for 10 winners.

(This number is not accurate. Anyway, the election of one lost member)

In other words, one is defeated and the remaining 10 are elected.

Something unexpected happened in this election.

The overwhelmingly advantageous incumbent village head was lost with only one vote.

This village head had a wife.

Therefore, it is strange that at least two votes of the person and his wife are not included.

It was suspected that his wife betrayed and voted for others.

Later this became a source of a little trouble and the couple divorced.

The fact was this.

Only one vote of the wife voted for the village head!

The village chief hawks that he will not lose (since 1/11)

Vote for your acquaintance.

Other voters also voted for the next best candidate because the village head was safe.

The result was just one vote.

This story was spoken as a commandment of how dangerous the upswing of the election is.

It seems that this is really a funny story if you don’t know it

In fact, the election at this time was expected to be a top winner, and the candidates expected that counting from the bottom would be a win earlier.