Read Shizuku Oishi’s “Ultimate Good Woman”

The other day, Kadokawa’s book was sold at Amazon, so I bought it as a Kindle book.
It was about 180 yen
360 yen if you look now. But the previous Kakukawa bomb sale was amazing
How much did it sell?

Shizuka Oishi’s essay hasn’t been a long time

I read it in real time when “I was a bus?” Was serialized in Shukan Bunshun.

I remember reading the next “Man is the face!”

When I read “I was a bus?”

I have read and honestly remembered the text. No, it ’s not a sentence.

That was how much the man’s heart was tickled or shaken.

Yes, if you don’t see her picture as it is. . . . .

It ’s very rude, but it was “I was Busy?” Street, and I still remember when I was shocked.

By the way, this essay covers a variety of stories from men and women to hard stories, but I’m not so interested in anything other than men and women.
So I was most interested in the first “What is the ultimate good woman?”

One of them said, “There are so many women who want to sleep the more they talk. But there is no woman who wants to talk the more you sleep. It ’s the ultimate good woman… ”
According to Shizuka Oishi’s interpretation,
“Speaking with the body and talking with the word often seems to be difficult to talk about, but to talk seriously with the body is impossible without the release of the mind.”

It ’s difficult because it ’s the ultimate.

It seems that it is not on the ground when it comes to the ultimate. Like being out of reach.

The existence that always delusions and imagination were added to the alpha.

If you talk about this, it cannot be the ultimate.

I wonder if there is a phantom