I feel that small habits are important today


It’s been a long time since I didn’t write a blog.

It has not been written since December 2 last year.

Other people’s blogs are registered and read on feedly.com, but about 250 blogs have been registered, updates over 50 blogs have already stopped, and even blogs that have been updated are significantly less frequent There are many.

Did you die even after blogging?

If you think so, those who keep daily updates and 3 posts a week are really amazing.

What is the difference between this and whether it is customary to write a blog?

“I feel bad if I don’t write” (I forgot everything)

“Write a blog to breathe” (I’m just breathing)

I think this is a quote (“Who is it?”) “To write a blog to breathe”, but to breathe,

You can do it naturally without being conscious of it.

It is not so customary, so it is not possible.

There are many things that were written halfway and saved as drafts. I usually forget to continue this way.

A few exercises are necessary to write so as to breathe

Physical fitness is the most effective in customizing

Marathon or push-ups.

I have completed the last five full marathons, but the only thing I really practiced was the first marathon.

After that, run a few 17km just before the race.

(17km is the distance of one lap around Misato Bridge and Katsushika Bridge in Edogawa)

However, this is no longer able to be eaten annually.

The last marathon was abandoned because 17km was much longer than expected when entered several years ago.

Marathon doesn’t lie.

It’s not suitable for people who run several kilometers every day.

A person about 30 above you will pass over you.

I want to make one small habit of writing a blog.

If you can keep many small habits, it becomes a big habit.

That was the speech