Employment or employment

Well, because it ’s a person ’s life, it ’s not the other people ’s

On the 23rd, Yujiro Yamaguchi, pitcher (18), who received the 6th draft draft from Nippon Ham, has a policy of refusing to join. Director Okada Tatsuo (55) said, “Since the person says“ I will not go ”, I cannot go here (to a professional)”.
The 11 teams that submitted the survey before the draft were told that they would move to baseball if they were nominated 4th or lower. The night before, the final confirmation was made whether it is possible to nominate multiple teams in 4th place or below. Even if Director Okada told himself, “I can correct it now,” his intentions did not change.

What is the difference between 3rd and 4th place?

The nomination order changes depending on the situation of the team at that time.

I don’t know the difference in the ranking.

The first is the thing that someone else put on. There is no need to be caught by such things.

If you are not appointed by the team you do not want to go to, refuse to work. I know this.

If you want to get a job as a professional baseball player, this is a job.

For general new graduates, it is still the mainstream to choose a company by company name, but if you have the talent to get a special job called professional baseball, it is a waste.

I think that it is the shortest course that will be first-class rather than going to university or working adults.