Typhoon # 15 and Typhoon # 19 changed the future home

Typhoon No. 15 blows off the roofs of houses in the Boso Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture

Typhoon No.19 flooded many rivers and flooded houses.

The roof can be blown away by the wind. So the only solution is to change the structure of the house.

However, it is impossible to imagine where the river flooding will occur, but if it breaks, the water will flow low, so the hazard map of the municipality is useful

Since you may lose valuable assets in just a moment, where you will live will be prioritized over convenience

Musashi Kosugi, popular with many trains, seems to be lowland

The market value of a condominium that is just one tower outage in a tower condominium will decline. The popularity of this area as well as this apartment will drop sharply.

Talking about the house, it was revealed how the bay window is vulnerable to protection.

If the window is equipped with a shutter, closing the shutter will prevent flying objects from hitting the house.

However, it is possible to prevent the window glass from being shattered when a flying object is applied by applying a curing tape from the inside. But this is not a fundamental solution.

If the window glass breaks, rain and wind will enter the house. The wind can blow off the roof from inside the house.

After all, I put a curing tape on the bay window, and a cardboard and a plywood board on it.

However, if this breaks the window glass, it is meaningless, so we closed the curtain and closed the bay window with a panel as shown in the image below.


The panel was held down by a table, desk, sofa, etc.

The bay window would be popular because the angle of light is widened and flowers can be displayed on the protruding area. If the house is blown away, there will be no children and no children.