So my son goes back to tennis


I was surprised when I played the clarinet,

No way ~~~


I moved to the club during this time of my second year of high school.

I became a tennis guy again! !


Speaking of that, I played tennis with my junior high school age tennis club and high school tennis club during the winter vacation.

I broke my right arm when I was in elementary school.

During high school practice, my right arm screamed and could not continue any further.

I was really surprised with the brass band,

I wonder if I wanted to play tennis all the time

The high school soft tennis club was 7 people before the son entered

Now it becomes even and everyone can pair and play a match

This was good!

It seems that the retirement of club activities for third-year high school students is May.

It ’s fun to see my son who ’s having fun and ca n’t help now.

Do your best anyway!