Read “Golden Market Prediction 2017 Helicopter Money” Eisuke Wakabayashi

I read “Golden Market Forecast 2017 Helicopter Money” Eisuke Wakabayashi.

I read this book and Shinichi Otake’s books as they come out.

The details of Mr. Pentagon’s chart by the golden section, which is his market analysis method, are written in detail at the end of the book, but I do not understand it well.

In the future, deflation will continue and the global economy will be stagnant until 2022.

The Bank of Japan is expected to make a major shift from deflation to inflation through the introduction of helicopter money, which purchases newly issued government bonds from the Ministry of Finance. It is an image of distributing money from a helicopter.

I’m worried that the world will enter a major recession by 2022 because my child graduates from university two years later.

When searching for Amazon with helicopter money, two books came out