Read the new book published by Eiwaka Wakabayashi and Junichi Otake, which will be published in the fall

I read Eizo Wakabayashi, “The End of the American Economy,” and Junichi Otake, “The Unobtrusive Trump Causes the World Depression.”

It has been published every year around October.

However, stock prices have risen so far from the Lehman shock.

Over the past few years, stock prices have risen as if the warnings of the two were ignored.

I thought that I would ceiling in around 2016 and enter a world of great times

What I was most interested in was the employment of children.

It ’s plummeting these days, but it ’s like I ’ve managed to bring my children to work

But it will be really tough after next year. I feel like there ’s a global crisis that I ’ve never experienced before.

This may include economic turmoil caused by a major earthquake originating in Japan.

Can you really hold the Tokyo Olympics?

I still have doubts.