All the way to win

It ’s a “no-braining story”, but is n’t it meaning in the first place?

I picked up from Yahoo!

The word “Wai” is a word that means “Sure thought, Sure attitude”, and many are used in negative form, such as “There is no stagnation”.
For example, in the ukiyo souko called “ Keisei Teisho Shamisen ” written at the beginning of the 18th century, it was used in the form of “ I do not live in Shakyamuni, Tengu is now a true magic ”. You can see that it was a “tawai” lesson because it says “Yes”.
“Taai” is a form in which the sound has been changed so that it is easy to pronounce, and “Aiai” is the target.

It seems to be. I got a little smarter. Thank you!

I met him a few months ago. Not a friend.

Just an acquaintance.

Well, it is only bad that he comes out of criticism of others and criticism of the world.

In addition, even a trivial thing tries to defeat the other party.

If you do this, it’s okay, but in discussions you’ll lose your opponent.

It was a little under, so I was patient and listened, but now I can’t stand it.

When he was alone, he told me about his history.

Having received DV from his father. Anyway, he was beaten every time there was something.

And I was learning karate. The reason was told to kill his father.

And I fought and left home as a teenager.

If you ask so far, you’ve got a point, or all his proof of life is to win.

I thought it was almost like losing.

I know that if you’re living for more than half a century, you can’t win everything (although you won’t win any).

I feel like it’s okay to defeat a boring argument, but he’s not allowed.

But I think it ’s a waste.

I think that if you can convert that energy into something else, you can do something amazing.